What is a call-to-action or a CTA?

A type of web link that encourages a website visitor to visit a landing page and become a lead. The purpose of a CTA is to:

1. Attract customers to their websites: Businesses can attract customers to their websites by directing them there. They will then learn more about the company and its products.

2. Making a sale: A CTA is a way of turning awareness and interest into a sale. A sales funnel is a way to connect brand awareness and conversions. The conversion rate of a CTA – the number of unique visitors who respond to it – is high with effective CTAs.

3. Lead generation: The CTA feature is used by companies to identify their target audience and generate leads, i.e., individuals who are curious about what a company has to offer and are likely to become future customers. To market directly to these customers, companies create email lists from these groups.

4. CTAs direct people to your website: They make it simple for someone to obtain the information they need. With a click of a link, you can lay your products at the doorstep of your customers, so they can buy with ease.