Modern User


From idea to 1,000 monthly paying users in just 6 months

Updates came to Open World Media with only an idea. Day one started with a design sprint to validate their idea. By the end of week one, Open World Media had conducted the first round of user testing and interviews.

Problem Statement Personal training is too expensive, isn’t accessible to non-members and gyms have an excess of unused inventory.

Prototype & User Testing
Open World Media created a prototype that was built in Xcode. This let users run the prototype on their iPhone. They were able to set preferences, build profiles and use the keyboard as they would normally with any other app. The team caught issues much earlier and more accurately than they would have with a traditional prototyping approach (creating a prototype with hotspots and images).


The outcome of the first week was incredibly successful. The prototype and business idea was well received. The Open World Media team confidently moved forward knowing that we an initial round of user testing was conducted.

Open World Media product designers started to build out and refine wireframes for each of the designed user flows.