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If You’re Doing Things Differently, You Need A Branding Agency Doing Things Differently.
Branding that makes your company different from your competitors.

Brand names give businesses the opportunity to put a meaning behind their name with completely positive connotations. If somebody automatically associates your brand name with positive emotions, you’ve earned yourself a customer for life. We help organisations find memorable names that reflect the identity of their product, solution or business and sets them apart from the competition. As a branding agency, we know that the company and/or brand name is critical to the positioning and success of the brand. The name will make a statement regarding what you do and, more importantly, how you do it.

What is your company, product, or service brand to be called? What will the name say about what you do – and more importantly how you do it. A brand naming strategy will set you on the right path.

As an established branding agency, we would want to have an initial conversation to understand the values of your brand, after which we can establish and share a naming brief.

We’ve built an agency that champions ideas, not egos, a process that rewards brave clients, We will challenge you, we will change you, and you just might change the world.

We’re an international team of connected thinkers and award-winning digital specialists that help ambitious brands to create a better connection.

If you want to dominate your market and increase your sales, then you need to stand out from your competition. Branding is what separates you from the rest – making you the clear winner.

We start off the branding process with thorough Market Research, in order to fully understand the current position and to explore the direction in which we should take. The design process involves the consideration of Pantone colours, typography, imagery, icons and shapes, which best work to create the look and feel of the brand. The visual vocabulary will be reflected in your colours, fonts, logo and overall style. The brand should be distinctive, resonate with your customers, be consistent and stay true to your company’s value. At this phase, we will use the design concepts to illustrate how it would look on various media.

Users connect with brands with head and heart and the most memorable brands usually combine a strong appeal to both. Effective brand identity development usually creates well differentiated identities. Others may follow, these are ‘me too’ brands. They are not uncommon. In Open World Media brand identity, we help you define or redefine your company brand values, proposition and personality. This may include researched and tested subtle or evolutionary development of existing brands for new audiences and new media. It may be the conceptual birth of new brands as well as the extension and articulation of brands into new markets and territories.

Logo Design
Visual Identity
Product Positioning

We meticulously analyse the information we have collected. We filter, refine and simplify leaving us with clearly defined objectives and a firm understanding of what drives customer decisions. It’s here that we assign direction and give your brand purpose. Key insight focusses our strategy and forms a basis for creative with meaning, we continue to challenge and evolve each project as it moves forward improving when necessary, we support our clients to ensure their brand is always performing at its very best.


We bring your story to life and articulate strategy into a tangible, coherent identity. We start wide, exploring concepts and ideas; constantly measuring against the brief and our defined objectives as we go. Through visuals and language, we craft a unique brand personality which delivers an emotive experience at every opportunity. And if the project requires something beyond our skillset, we’ll collaborate closely with industry specialists to deliver the very best creative for every possible output.